Professional Certificate in HR Payroll Management

1) Provident fund and labor laws Training HR payroll accounting Management

  •  How to file for Provident Fund registration and ESI Registration
  •  How to file Provident Fund Challan cum return, ESI Challan
  •  How to file various Provident fund related registers
  •  Provident Fund Returns and various labour law formalities
  •  How to file various forms of ESI for claims
  •  Provident Fund scrutiny cases

2) Income Tax

  •  Tax computation Course
  •  Company Registration process
  •  Training Students how to file Income Tax Return
  •  Training Students how to file E TDS return online
  •  Permanent Account No application and its procedure
  •  E TDS and TCS return filing Practical Training
  •  E TDS software like Taxmann Income Tax return filing techniques
  •  How to compute Income Tax on Salary Income.
  •  How to prepare Form 16 online and manual
  •  How to fill up Form 49A , 49 B
  •  Preparation of Chillan 281 and 280 manual and computerized both
  •  Income Tax Assessment procedure and handling
  •  Income Tax cases
  •  Income Tax appeals and Scrutiny Cases under section 143
  •  Tax Audit procedure and laws practical training
  •  How to register company for VAT ? detail procedure and formalities
  •  How to file VAT return manual and online both
  •  VAT Assessment procedure VAT appeal procedure

3) Software Covered

  •  Taxmann
  •  Visual Payroll Software

4) Features of Visual Payroll software:

  •  Slab wise calculation on the basis of working days of selective allowances & deductions
  •  Slab wise calculation on the basis of absent on selective allowance & Deductions
  •  Define grade wise pay scale of selective allowances.
  •  Define level wise pay scale increment
  •  Define deduction calculate on selective allowance head
  •  Define unlimited no of grades/ levels/ categories
  •  Define unlimited no of qualification type/ qualification course
  •  Define performance rating parameter muster
  •  Define unlimited no of departments / designation/units/ sub units
  •  Define restricted ordinary holidays
  •  Define ERP percentage & limit for employee & employer
  •  Define FPS percentage & limit of employee & employer
  •  Define A/c No/. 02 EPF Admin Charges percentage
  •  Round off value
  •  Define a/c no 21 EDLI
  •  Define Ac/ No. 22 EPF Admin Charges
  •  Define Employee and Employer LWF account
  •  Define salary calculation days in month
  •  Define professional tax calculation
  •  Define OT calculation days in month

5) Employee setup and functions

  •  Define employee wise weekly off/ second weekly off
  •  Define employee wise salary type (Daily / monthly)
  •  Define employee wise employee type Direct
  •  Employee/ contract employee
  •  Define Employee wise per our OT Rate
  •  Define Employee wise Bonus % &Limit
  •  Define employee wise PF ESI rate
  •  Define educational / Technical / professional qualification and experience of employee
  •  Define family members nominee & witness detail for employee
  •  Define local address permanent address telephone no.
  •  DOJ etc for employee
  •  Link employee signature ration card voter id card thumb impression
  •  Define special remarks for employee same ESE no. validation in employee setup
  •  Help on PF no. ESE No. in employee setup

6) Loans & Advance

  •  Define unlimited loans for each employee
  •  Loan installment can be adjust with salary / bonus/others
  •  Automatic deduction of loan installment against salary
  •  On line loan balance show at the tie of monthly attendance entry
  •  Define monthly advance
  •  Define receive entry
  •  Advance/ deduction against bonus.

7) Arrears

  •  Define arrears for each allowance
  •  Define arrears for unlimited period for each arrears paid month
  •  Define ESI applicable for selective arrears allowance
  •  Define arrears % for EPF/ FPF/ ESI arrears wages
  •  Pay slip / Pay register can be printed with or without arrears

8) Attendance Entry

  •  Muster roll entry option having both daily & monthly entry provision
  •  Automatically conversion of Muster roll into monthly attendance entry
  •  Monthly attendance entry provision
  •  At the time of attendance entry visual payroll will automatically check whether employee covered ESI or not
  •  At the time of attendance entry If employee exceeds the ESI limit still but still covered under ESI

9) Over Time

  •  Define over time as allowance field
  •  It can be calculated separately
  •  Define option to link over time with pay slip
  •  Define option to link over time with pay slip
  •  Define OT rates for employee working hours in company & OT hours

10) Leave

  •  Year wise opening can be defined for CL/ SL/ EL
  •  On line leave balance show of CL/SL/EL
  •  Automatic calculation of monthly earned leave for EL
  •  Automatic carried forward option for EL
  •  Only last year earned EL can consumed in current year option available
  •  Option of stop on Negative balance of leave & option of grace days for minus balance
  •  Holiday can be defined unit wise
  •  Option for change the salary even after automatic salary calculation