Key Information

TRUECOMMERCE has been providing basic computer course since long time and is one of the oldest computer training institute in INDORE, TRUECOMMERCE offers facility of Computer training at INDORE. This Certification Computer course is for one month (duration25 hours). This basic computer training is useful for beginners, executives, housewives and even kids who want to learn basic computers, however those who wish to become computer operator can also join this course, this is a short term job oriented practical course, every student is provided individual computer and unlimited practice hours to each student after the computer classes. TRUECOMMERCE basic computer courses have been designed with following objectives:- To make students /learners/undergraduates/graduates/housewife/ kids/anyone computer-literate to equip students/ learner with data processing and office automation skills which have become part of life in today’s computerized world, anyone not knowing these basic skills can be considered as computer illiterate.

Course Highlights:

Basic Level

TRUECOMMERCE computer institute offers basic level course where student learn how to use word processing features, perform calculations, & develop powerful presentations using MS Office 2007/ 2010/2013/2016 by Certified and experienced trainers

Advanced Level

TRUECOMMERCE computer institute offers advance level course where student can learn how to do advanced data analysis & solving analytical problems using Goal seeker, Solver, macros etc Learn to design databases for small-medium business organizations, write queries & get reports using MS Access , TRUECOMMERCE offers computer courses in INDORE, this is certified course which helps you to get better job


  • Computers and its basic operation
  • MS Office MSWord, MS Power Point, MS Excel , Outlook Express
  • Email, Chat and Internet

Key Features & Benefits:-

  • Learner becomes computer literate
  • Structured learning Process
  • Additional Practice sessions
  • Learning day to day operations.
  • Focus on practical operational knowledge of computers.
  • Basic features of MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • How to using internet, email and chat

Important Features:-

  • Lowest Fee
  • Full Course covering every advanced topics
  • Experienced Corporate Trainer
  • Fully Air-condition class rooms
  • 1:1 computer training
  • Individual attention
  • Standard study material

Who Can Join?

  • 12th Pass student
  • Under Graduate
  • Graduate
  • House wife
  • Kids
  • Working people
  • Elderly people
  • MBA ( HR)
  • Working professionals
  • MIS Executives
  • MIS Personals
  • Freelancers

Course Detail
(MS Word)

Home Menu

  • New , open, save, save as, print settings
  • Cut, copy, & paste
  • Format painter
  • theme fonts
  • bold, italic, underline
  • font size, strikethrough
  • subscript, superscript
  • clear formatting, change-case
  • font color, text color
  • bullets & numbering
  • sort alphabets & numbers
  • bullets & numbering
  • sort alphabets & numbers
  • paragraph alignment
  • line spacing, shading
  • customize border
  • gallery of styles, change styles
  • find, replace & select

Insert Menu

  • Page break, blank page
  • Table, picture, clip art
  • Shapes, insert smart-art graphic
  • Insert chart, hyperlink
  • Bookmark, header, footer
  • Page number, text box
  • Word art, drop cap
  • Date& time, object
  • Symbol, autocorrect

Page layout menu

  • theme fonts, margins
  • page orientation, page size
  • columns
  • breaks, line numbers
  • watermark, page colour, page borders
  • indent settings, paragraph spacing
  • object position, text wrapping
  • endnote, footnote


  • mail merge, letters, labels
  • step by step mail merge wizard
  • select & edit recipients lists
  • insert merge field
  • update labels, preview results
  • finish & merge


  • spelling & grammar, research
  • thesaurus, word count
  • new, edit, & delete comment
  • track changes, accept & reject changes
  • protect document, restrict formatting & editing
  • View
  • print layout, full screen
  • web layout, outline, draft
  • view rulers, gridlines, thumbnails
  • zoom, one page, two pages, page width
  • new window, arrange all, split, view side by side, synchronous scrolling
  • 6. switch windows, run macros

(MS Excel)

  • new, open, save, save as, print settings
  • cut, copy,& paste
  • format painter
  • fill color, change font face
  • bold, italic, underline
  • font size, strikethrough
  • subscript, superscript, font color
  • customize border
  • find, replace & select
  • cell alignment, orientation, wrap text
  • align text, merge & center, indents
  • number format, percent, comma style
  • increase & decrease decimal
  • conditional formatting, format as table
  • cell styles, insert, delete& format cells

Insert Menu

  • Pivot table, pivot chart, table
  • picture, clip art, shapes, smart art
  • column chart, hyperlink, text box
  • header & footer, word art, object, symbol
  • Page layout menu
  • theme fonts, colors, fonts
  • page margins, orientation, page size
  • print area, page break, background
  • page width, height & scale
  • gridlines, headings, object selection
  • bring to front, send to back, rotate


  • auto sum, average, max, min, count
  • if, sum if, today, now, upper, lower
  • left, right, trim, true, false
  • ceiling, mround, round down, roundup
  • trace precedents, trace dependents
  • show formula, evaluate formula, watch window


  • sort, filter, text to column
  • remove duplicates, data validation
  • consolidate, what if analysis
  • goal seek, scenario manager
  • subtotal, group, ungroup


  • spelling & grammar, research
  • thesaurus, protect workbook
  • new, edit, & delete comment
  • track changes, accept & reject changes
  • protect sheet, restrict formatting & editing


  • page layout, normal, full screen
  • page break preview, custom views
  • view rulers, gridlines, formula bars
  • headings, zoom, new window, arrange all, freeze panes, hide, unhide, split
  • switch windows, macros

(MS Power Point)

Home Menu

  • new, open, save, save as, print settings
  • 2 cut, copy,& paste, format painter
  • new slide, layout, delete
  • bold, italic, underline
  • font size, strikethrough, text shadow
  • subscript, superscript
  • clear formatting, change-case
  • Character spacing, font color
  • bullets & numbering, text direction
  • paragraph alignment, align text
  • line spacing, columns
  • shapes, arrange, quick styles
  • shape fill, shape outline, shape effects
  • find, replace & select

Insert Menu

  • table, picture, clip art, photo album
  • shapes, smart art, chart, hyperlink
  • action, text box, header & footer
  • word art, date & time, slide number
  • symbol, object, movie, sound


  • page setup, slide orientation
  • slide design, colors, fonts, effects
  • background styles, hide background graphics


  • preview, animate, custom animation
  • special effect, transition sound, transition speed

Slide Show

  • from beginning, from current slide
  • custom slide show, setup slide show
  • hide slide, rehearse timings, resolution


  • spelling, research, thesaurus, translate
  • new, edit & delete comment
  • protect presentation


  • normal, slide sorter, notes page
  • view rulers, gridlines, slide show
  • zoom, fit to window, color ,grayscale
  • new window, arrange all,
  • switch windows, formatting tools

Advance MS Excel

  • Introduction and Basic Overview Working with Workbook and Worksheets Formatting Cells
  • Customized formatting of Cells
  • Cell References (Absolute, Relative & Mixed) Shortcut Keys
  • Other Features (Paste Special and finding and replacing data etc.)
  • DATE, MOD, MODE, TODAY, NOW) Inserting Comments
  • Use of Go to Feature
  • Use of ? to Join data in different cells Logical formula (IF function and its use) Conditional Formatting and its Use in different scenarios
  • Logical Complex Formulas (IF, OR, AND & IFERROR) Use of Nested IF formula with examples
  • Other Text Formulas (TEXT, CLEAN, TRIM, Len, T,
  • Defining Cell Range & Name Manager
  • Applying Auto filter Use of Advanced Filter
  • Displaying Unique Record by using Advanced Filter Freezing and Unfreezing Panes
  • Linking of Worksheets & Workbooks
  • Open websites, existing files etc by Inserting Hyperlink More useful formulas (RIGHT, LEFT, LEN, FIND, SUMIF & SUMPRODUCT) Formatting
  • Financial Formulas (PMT, PV, DISC, DB, IRR, NPV etc.) Text to Column to fetch data
  • Lookup & Reference cell Formulas (CELL, ADDRESS,


  • Touring the Outlook Interface
  • Using E-mail
  • Creating Signatures & New Folders
  • Using a Calendar & Adding Events
  • Working with Multiple Calendars
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Adding & Viewing Contacts
  • Creating, Viewing & Flagging Tasks


  • Hindi Typing (20-30 Word Per Min)
  • English Typing (20-30 Word Per Min)
  • Typing Practice with Typing Tutor


  • Email Account and Attach Files, surfing, downloading and Uploading, Online Working Internet
  • Online Banking
  • Online Billing , Mobile, Electric, Travelling, Hotel, Marketing, E-Buying etc
  • Booking, Online Payments, Online Forms Filling, Result valuation, Online
  • Shopping, Surfing & Downloading of System Software &Tools)
  • Voice chatting, video conferencing Face book, Twitter, Linked in, Orkut,
  • Google+, YouTube, Rediff BOL, yahoo Messenger, Google chrome, Google Talk’s installation / Uses
  • Online Reservation, Booking, Online Payments,
  • Surfing & Downloading of System Software & Tools)


  • Computer Operator
  • Front Office Executive
  • Customer Support Executive
  • Back Office Executive
  • Back Office Operator
  • Office Executive
  • Office Assistant
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Data Support Executive
  • Cash Counter Executive
  • Bill Desk Executive
  • Operation Executive
  • Trainee in a Computer Institute
  • Computer Trainer
  • Application Support Executive
  • Computer Typist
  • Documentation Assistant
  • Team Leader
  • Customer Support Officer