Certification in Financial  E- Accounting, Finance, Banking, E- Taxation Payroll


Advance Practical Accounts

Object: Develop The Logic (Concept) To Remove Your Confusion & Build Up Confidence.

Workshop-3 Days Special Workshop “How to beat tough Competition”

Course Contents: Introduction, Need & Scope of Accounting, Terminalegy, Definition And Classification Types of Accounts & Rules (British & American) to Journalize the Transaction. Adjustment Entries

Rectification of Errors Suspense A/C & Its Practical Utility

Posting Balancing & Making Trial Balance Technique of Matching Trial Balance Final Accounts Concept & Preparation of Manufacturing A/C Trading A/C, Profit & Loss A/C & Balance Sheet with Advance Adjustments Format Of Balance Sheet (Horizontal & Vertical) Bank Reconciliation Debtors Reconciliation & Creditors Reconciliation Statements

First Self Assessment Test With Personal Interview


Computerized Accounting Using Tally.ERP & Prime

Using Tally ERP  & Prime License Software

Workshop-ll: 2 Days Special Workshop an Accounting Concepts, Conventions, International Standard, Merits of Computerization of Whole Accounting System & Government Policy

Project 1. Accounting Of A Non Trading Organization

(Complete Accounting Procedure of an Organization from Opening Balance to the Finalization)

Object: To Learn Accounting System Of Service Industries Like School, College, Trust, Hospital & Financial Service Providers

Output: All Types of Books like Cash Book, Bank Book & Ledgers, and Reports like Trial Balance Income and Expenditure A/C,Receipts and Payments A/C, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow & Fund Flow.

Project 2: Accounting Of A Trading Organisation (Without Inventory Control)

(Complete Accounting Procedure of an Organization from Opening Balance to the Finalization)

Object: To Learn Accounting System of Retail Business

Output: All Types of Books like Purchase Book, Sales Book, Journal Register, Return Inward/Outward, Cash Book

Bank Book & Ledgers Reports like Trail Balance Profit And Loss A/C, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow & Fund Flow Bill Wise Detail Pending/Overdue Debtors, Creditors, Exception Reports & Bill Settlement Etc.

Computerized Accounting Using Tally.ERP 9.3 Prime

Project 3: Accounting Of A Trading Organization (With Inventory )

Object: To Learn Accounting System of Who Wants to Keep Accounts with Inventory As well As Taxations.

Output: Covers Three Segments Of Mid Size Organization Accounting, lnventory & Taxations

Workshop-lll : 2 Days Special Workshop on How to Develop Practical System & Legal Obligations.

Accounting: Complete Accounting Procedure like Recording Transactions, All Type of Books & Reports Required By Government Department Like Trial Balance, Trading Profit And Loss A/C & Balance Sheet

Top Level Management: Ratio Analysis, Budget, Scenario, Exception Report, Post Dated Transactions

Management Information System (MIS): Receivable Payable Mangement, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Cash Flow Projection & Department Wise Management Etc.

Inventory :Classification of Stock Items, Group Category Measurement of unit, Batch Wise Stock, Godown/Location Wise Stock Summary, Physical Stock, Pending /Overdue Orders & Challans,

Stock Item Wise Profitability Movement Analysis, and Methad Wise Stock & Ageing Analysis.

Taxation: TDS: Concept, Computation, Rates, Reports, Challan ITNS 281, Forms 16A, 26Q/27Q, 26/27 With Annexure, E-returns

TCS: Concept, Computation, Rates, Teparts, Chellan (ITNS 281, Forms 27D, 27B & E-ICS

GST: Concepts, Input-Output ,Types GSTR I,II,III

CST: Introduction, Transactions, Reports, Challon 26, Form C,EI, E2, F,H,I,J

Service Tax: Concept, Computation, Rates, Reports, Challans GAR7, form ST-3 & E-Filling ST-3.

Banking: Cheque Printing Cheque Register, Book Reconciliation, Deposit Slip & Payment Advice

Technical Features: Tally Installation, License Activation/Deactivation, Reactivation, Tally.Net Feature, SMS Access
Using Tally at Multi Location with Remote Access, Data Backup Process Auto Backup, Auto Search, Date Restore & Recovery

Data Migration, Import/Export of Date, Downloding, Uploading E-mailing of Data & Multi Level User Security Control

Special Features: Audio, Multi Currency Management, Accounting Treatment of Forex Gain/Loss, Group Companies, Split Company, Reversing Journal Voucher, Tally Vault Password, Optional and Memorandum Voucher Remainder & Confirmation Letter

Second Self Assessment Test With Technical Interview

Industrial Accounting

Project 4: Accounting Of a Manufacturing Organization

Object: To Learn the Best Co-Ordination, Combination & Utilization of Man, and Money & Machine of an Industry

Output: Co-Ordination between Various Departments of a Manufacturing Organization, Reporting Analyzing & Implementation.

Production & Manufacturing Activities: Cost of Production with Recipe (BOM) Transfer of Stock

(Raw-Production-Finish), Cost Estimation, WIP, Job Work Order In/Out Management, Material in Out Management Item Cost Tracking.

Inventory & Stores Management: Reorder Levels, Movement Analysis, Physical Stock, Batch Wise Stock, Stock groups & categories.

Sales Promotion & Marketing: Price Levels for Dealer, Whole Seller Retailer & POS Invoice.

Payroll: Generation of Employee Database, Salary Structure and Calculation, Attendance, Leave Details. Salary Slip, PF, ESI , Gratuity Bonus, Professional Tax & Various Analytical Reports.

Income tax for salary: Calculation, Computation, Challan, Returns, Form 16, 12bs, 24q Online Filling Of Return, ITR-1
PF forms 5, 10, 12A, 3A, 6A, ESI form 3, 5, 6 & Professional Tax Slab.

Banking: Cheque Printing, Cheque Register, Bank Reconciliation, Deposit Slip & Payment Advice

Taxation: Dealer Excise: Concept, Computation, Rates, Reports, Challan Gar 7 Form Rg23d, From-2, CENVAT Register & E-Return

Manufacturing Excise: Concept, Computation, Rates, Reports, Challan Gar 7, Pla Register, Er-1,5,6,8 Forms CENVAT Register, Rg23 Part 1,2 With Annexure-10 & E-Return, Hsn Code Wise Purchase & Sales CENVAT adjustment.

Third Self Assessment with Technical Interview


Certificate course in Computer Application/Proficiency

Introduction of Computer : Definition, Characteristics, Uses of Computer.

Basic Hardware Concepts : In Depth Knowledge and Demonstration of Computer Peripherals, Hardware Connections, CPU & Its Working.

Operating System : Windows,Including All Technical Aspects, Technical Terminology and Typing Skills.

Control Panel : Add/Remove Hardware & Software, User Account, and Protection & All Settings.

Networking : Concept of Networking,Types Of Networking & Area of Networking

Internet :

  • Different Kind of Internet Connections,
  • Types Of Internet Browsers,
  • Mailing Chatting, Downloading,
  • Using Various Search Engines,
  • Conferencing, Voice Chatting,
  • Free Massaging Web Sites,
  • E- Ticketing & E-Banking.

Ms Office : Uses of Computer in General Office Management

Ms Word:

  • Create Simple Documents
  • Opening Files and Saving Text
  • Using Header & Footer
  • Letter Wizard, Mail Merge, Resume Wizard
  • Document Setting & Printing
  • Uses of Track Change

Ms Excel:

  • Entering Data, Editing, Formatting
  • Using Various Financial Functions
  • Logical Functions (If And Or Etc.),
  • Statistical Functions like Count, Average, Maximum & Minimum
  • Data Base Functions, Pivot Table and Charts,
  • Goal Seek & Scenario
  • V Look up, H Look up, Split Use of Multi Worksheet
  • Freeze Panes

Ms Power point:

  • Creating A Presentation, Entering arging
  • Movie Clips, Images & Animations
  • Using Different View for Presentation, Using Clip Art & Animations

Special Technical Workshop On:

  • Introduction of Computer
  • Software Installation & Uninstallation
  • Multimedio Utility
  • Movie Maker, Recording, Screen Capturing
  • Components/ Hardy fmputer
  • Computer Connectioncture
  • Computer Security
  • Exploring New Technology & Remote Access


Other financial Concerns: (Object: To understand the other essential financial concerns of our life)

  • Income Tax: Fundamentals, applicability & formality
  • Banking: Types of A/cs, Loans, Deposits, Eligibility & Formalities
  • Investments: Future planning, Options & analysis
  • Stock Market: Concept, Options & Live Trading
  • Insurance: Types of insurance, how to choose scheme
  • Start-ups: How to plan & Making of Strategies.

Diploma in Industrial Accounting and Management (DIAM)  in


Certificate in  Accounting, Taxation Banking  course  is job oriented  course which helps the fresher’s experienced accountants to improve their professional skills. This Course equips student with employable skills. This Certificate course can be done after 12th or after B Com Commerce graduation. Students from commerce non commerce back ground can also join this 100% Job Guarantee Course.

100% Job Guarantee

Diploma in Industrial Accounting and Management (DIAM) in


Certificate in   Accounting Finance Taxation and Banking provides you industrial and practical training which is very important any fresher to become successful accounts or tax professional.  After doing Diploma in Industrial Accounting and Management (DIAM)+ program student has various career options to join as accountant, tax assistant, payroll executive or Banking executive.  B Com commerce graduate after this training becomes valuable asset for any company.

Diploma in Industrial Accounting and Management (DIAM) in


  • DFA is 100 % Job Guarantee Course.
  • Experienced CA faculties to teach practical aspects.
  • Recognized Certificate  


  • Industrial Accounting.
  • Accounting Software: Tally ERP & Prime, BUSY,
  • Income Tax (Online ITR Return Filing)
  • GST(Online GST Return Filing)
  • Auditing
  • Provident Fund Labour Laws
  • Company Law matters.
  • Stock Market – Capital Market
  • E Commerce & Banking
  • Advanced Excel
  • SAP Fico Module
  • Personality Development & English Speaking

Key Features of Diploma in Industrial Accounting and Management (DIAM) in


  • Live & Class Room Training
  • Recognized Certificate
  • 100 % Job Guarantee
  • Flexible Schedule

Be Future Ready

Now a days the job of an Accounting Job  is one of  most remunerative career paths today and it is lucrative career path mainly for professionals from finance and accounting sector.

Get Better Pay

Average Accountant Salary in India is between 2 Lacs to 10 Lacs p.a. which depends upon qualification experience and employer

Expert & Experienced Faculties

Get practical training by expert and industry experienced Chartered Accountants, MBA and Advocates at Truecommerce Institute.

Who can do Diploma in Industrial Accounting and Management (DIAM) in


  • Any Graduate B com BA or Post -Graduates.
  • 12th Pass in any Discipline.
  • Working Professionals.
  • Age between 18- 30.

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